The purpose of TISAC is to provide a well-rounded programme of sporting, non-sporting and cultural activities for member schools in a framework that will achieve recognised educational objectives whilst bringing together students to enjoy friendly and competitive opportunities to develop their talents.

Our Aims
TISAC aims to help students at member schools develop:
  1. Physically, by learning skills and improving conditioning
  2. Psychologically, by learning to control emotions and develop feelings of self-worth
  3. Socially, by learning how to co-operate in a competitive context and by learning appropriate standards of behavior
TISAC consists of 14 international schools who currently compete in the following sports; Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Football, Futsal, Swimming and Table Tennis.
Events through TISAC include music, drama and art multi-school events as well as training opportunities for members of staff and various additional extra-curricular activities. By ensuring close relationships between partner schools we enable students to extend the breadth of their experiences and opportunities via a collective effort.